[Lpc-announce] Results from the 2018 Linux Plumbes Conference survey

Jake Edge jake at lwn.net
Mon Apr 8 15:35:35 UTC 2019

Thank you to everyone who participated in the survey after Linux
Plumbers in 2018. We had 134 responses, which, given the total number
of conference participants of around 492, has provided confidence in
the feedback.

Overall: 85% of respondents were positive about the event, with only 2%
actually saying they were dissatisfied. Co-locating with Kernel Summit
proved popular, so we will be co-locating with Kernel Summit in 2019.
Co-locating with Networking Summit was also well received, so we will
be doing that again this year, too. Conference participation was up
from 2017 and we sold out again this year. 98% of those that registered
were able to attend.

Based on feedback from last year’s survey, we videotaped all of the
sessions, and the videos are now posted. There are over 100 hours of
video in our YouTube channel [0] or you can access them by visiting the
detailed schedule [1] and clicking on the video link in the presentation
materials section of any given talk or discussion. The Microconferences
are recorded as one long video block, but clicking on the video link of
a particular discussion topic will take you to the time index in that
file where the chosen discussion begins.

Venue: 67% of survey respondents considered the size of attendees to be
just right, however 25% would have like to have seen more able to
attend. In general, 43% of respondents considered the venue size to be
a good match, but a significant portion would have preferred it to be
bigger (45%) as well. The room size was considered effective for
participation by 95% of the respondents, however there was a clear
indication in the comments that we need to figure out a better way to
allocate rooms based on expected participants, as some ended up
overflowing. There is some desire for additional electrical outlets to
be made available, which will be looked into for the 2019 event.

Content: In terms of track feedback, Linux Plumbers Refereed track and
Kernel Summit track were indicated as very relevant by almost all
respondents who attended. The Networking track had fewer participants
responding on the survey, but was positively reviewed as well. Hallway
track continues to be regarded as very relevant, and appreciated.

Communication: This year we had a new website, and participants were
able to navigate through it and find the session needed. In the
feedback, there were some requests to integrate scheduling app
capabilities (and attendee room size); the committee will look into
options for that.

Events: Craft Beer was the most popular event and had favorable
feedback from respondents. There were some concerns expressed in the
written feedback that we didn’t clarify there were non-alcoholic
options available there, and we’ll take note to communicate this better
in future. The final closing event venue was originally planned for
conference attendance similar to the prior year; the increase of 20% to
492 attendees, impacted this event, and the perception was that it was
too crowded and had insufficient food from the comments.

There were lots of great suggestions to the “what one thing would you
like to see changed” question, and the program committee has been
studying them to see what is possible to implement this year. Thank you
again to the participants for their input and help on making the Linux
Plumbers Conference better in 2019 and the future. 

LPC 2019 [2] will be held at the Corinthia Hotel, Lisbon, Portugal,
9-11 September 2019, colocated with the Linux Kernel Summit.

[0] https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIxsmRWj3-795FMlrsikd3A
[1] https://linuxplumbersconf.org/event/2/timetable/?view=lpc
[2] https://www.linuxplumbersconf.org/

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