[Lpc-announce] Real-Time Microconference Accepted into 2018 Linux Plumbers Conference

Jake Edge jake at lwn.net
Wed Aug 29 15:15:26 UTC 2018

We are pleased to announce that the RT Microconference has
been accepted into the 2018 Linux Plumbers Conference! The Real-Time
patch (also known as PREEMPT_RT) has been developed out of tree since
2004. Although it hasn't yet been fully merged, several enhancements
came to the Linux kernel directly as the result of the RT patch. These
include, mutexes, high resolution timers, lockdep, ftrace, RT
scheduling, SCHED_DEADLINE, RCU_PREEMPT, cross-arch generic interrupt
logic, priority inheritance futexes, threaded interrupt handlers, to
name a few. All that is left is the conversion of the kernel spinning
locks into mutexes, and the transformation is complete. There's talk
about that happening by the end of this year or early next year.

Topics proposed for this year's event include how PREEMPT_RT will
be maintained when it gets into the kernel, who's going to maintain
it, how do we catch when it breaks, updates to lockdep, addition
of selftests, discussions of RT related failures, stable backports,
safety critical domains, and more.

We hope to see you there!

LPC [1] will be held in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada from
Tuesday, November 13 through Thursday, November 15.

[1] https://linuxplumbersconf.org/

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